After using a 2.5 kg laptop for a while, I wanted a small (max 14" screen), cheap (30K Rs. or less), light weight laptop (2Kg or less) with more battery life (at least 3 hours). My primary requirements were net surfing, writing documents, watching movies and listening to music. I had not finalized on the price, but anything below 30k rupees was ok.

I visited Best Buy and started scouting laptops which fitted my need. Some of the models which I considered some HP, Lenovo and Asus models. (the Sony models were all expensive). At the end I zeroed down on Asus X45A, and got it for $300 (16K Rupees).

Asus X45A comes with Windows 8, 4GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, DVD RW, HDMI, VGA out, 14" screen (1366×768), 2 USB ports (one 2.0 and one 3.0), wireless n, HD webcam, and card reader. After using it for one month I an extremely satisfied. The battery life is awesome, lasts for almost 5 hours when just surfing or writing documents. The screen contrasts are really nice. The dual core Celeron processor is more than adequate, and does not heat too much. And it a very light weight laptop so it is a breeze to carry it around. Compared to my other laptop HP 8560w, this is very handy.

For a $300 laptop it is really worth it. I totally recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap laptop for data processing and light weight needs.

But be aware that this is a budget model, so you will get a plastic body and not metal, the keyboard is not backlit, and only 2 USB ports.


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