In some recent American TV serials and Movies I have been noticing the way India and Indians are portrayed. Some examples:

1. Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 6 or 7 : The Indian character of Rajesh is shown as not being scared of snakes ‘because’ he is an Indian and presumably because India is a country of snake charmers.

2. Eurotrip (2004) : In one of the jokes it is mentioned that a person had to get his leg amputated because he took a piss in a public toilet in New Delhi, India.

There are numerous such mentions in other movies as well.

I wonder how such an image of India being projected in the West? One reason I can think of is of the Indians which stay in West and never plan to come back stating that India is a ‘shit’ country. I can just say that I pity those people on their pea sized brains. India is a great and amazing country where every day is a new and fresh experience. It is also a land of billion opportunities.

I love my country.


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