This is called bad marketing, i.e. HTC Phones have a application called Locations which is the inbuilt navigation software provided in HTC phones and till now I did not know that. I bought a HTC Radar Windows Phone 6 months ago, and one of the sore points was that it did not have Google Maps. Nokia provided an alternative by providing Nokia Drive application. But with HTC phone I was stuck with using apps like Bingle Maps and gMaps. I was in fact going to develop my own Windows Phone application which would provide navigation using Google Maps.

Today while browsing web I found that HTC Locations is the inbuilt app in HTC phones for navigation. It is not that I have not run the application earlier, but then the UI is not that friendly and there is a similar named app called HTC Footprints which is pathetic, so I never launched this app as well.

Anyways, now I have started the download of India maps on the application. It is a 500+ MB download and will take some time. Hopefully this should be a good alternative to using Bingle Maps or gMaps.


2 thoughts on “HTC Radar Windows Phone has in built maps/navigation!!!!

    1. Ya, even Nokia Windows Phones have Nokia drive, which is very good. Only HTC seems to be lacking behind in providing a free navigation app.


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