LED display with twice more colors than currently available

Some days ago I was reading about the concept of dithering in Open GL, where a limited set of color values are mixed to produce higher range of colors.

In current displays each pixel is composed of three led’s each of red, blue and green colors. By varying the intensity of each color a ‘mixed’ color is produced, there by we see all the different colors on the screen. The number of colors are limited to the number of intensity levels of each led.

What if we place two layers of led’s over each other, that way we can enhance the range of colors while still maintaining the same level of intensity levels for each led.


Wall clock with integrated calender

How about making a wall clock or desk clock which has a way of synchronizing with your calender and reminding you of your events.

The clock can have a Bluetooth which can then be accessed by a custom mobile app. The app would synchronize with an existing calender on your phone. The clock can have a scrolling led display which can display the headline of your event. The clock can have a silent mode, in which case the screen will flash as a reminder. The clock can have a memory for 1000 events, this way once you program it, you don’t have to synchronize it often.

This way you don’t have to set alarm’s ever, the clock will be smart enough to wake you up for your first appointment of the day.